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​Where Girls Become Friends, Friends Become Family and Family Becomes Forever!

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I Love Horses Sew-On Patch

Junior Horseback Riding Badge

Want to earn a badge by learning something else entirely? We’ve got you covered with our Make Your Own badge option. Just figure out what you want to learn and we can help you! 

Welcome to God's Green Acre! 

Did you know that we were once known at GS Mounted Troop #1189. Today we are a private non profit ranch for girls just like you. 

Here at GGAA you develop your equine skills and knowledge, learn to properly care for your horse, learn about safety and equine health.

The best part? Hours of enjoyment with your new 4 legged best friend and girls who love horses just as much as you! 

GGAA would love to connect with you! We now offer customized programs for you and your troop to earn badges or learn about horses! From Daisies to Cadets, we have something for you! 

Here at God's Green Acre, girls become friends and friends become family. 

Riding a horse is one of the most exciting things you can do. But ask any good horseback rider her secret to success and she’ll say that understanding a horse is as important as learning to ride one. Get clued in to horses, and get ready to ride!

  • Know the basics of horseback riding
  • Take care of a horse and learn about safety
  • Prepare for your ride
  • Practice your ride
  • Go for a ride

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know what it takes to be a good rider—from understanding horse body language to controlling the horse’s speed while  I’m riding.