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Sponsor A Troop Horse

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for as little as $10 a month!

God's Green Acre Association

Sponsorship Levels
Troop Horse
Sponsorship Levels
Troop Horse

​The Impact: When you sponsor a GGAA Troop horse, the effects are felt throughout the whole organization. Not only are you helping to maintain the highest level of care for your sponsored horse, but you are also helping us further our mission of empowering young women through training and working with horses.

Sponsorship Levels: 
* Feed sponsorship ($10/month) - Helps covers the monthly feed cost for your sponsored horse
* Vet sponsorship ($25/month) – Helps cover the costs of routine basic veterinary maintenance for your sponsored horse including vaccinations, medications, and dentistry care.
* Farrier sponsorship ($30/month) – Helps cover the costs of general farrier maintenance for your sponsored horse
* Hay sponsorship ($45/month) – Helps cover the costs of hay and feed for your sponsored horse.

All donations are tax deductible.

Sponsor Perks:
* $10 Sponsors are welcome to schedule a visit with their horse, take photos and provide them with a little love during ranch hours. 
* $25 Sponsors will receive the above plus a photo of their sponsored horse with the horses biography and personalized thank you note from their rider. 
* $30 Sponsors will receive all of the above plus a personalized certificate of care.
* $45 Sponsors will receive all of the above plus a special thank you printed in our horse show ad book distributed at all our FREE horse shows AND a special shout out by our horse show announcer. 
*At the end of the year, sponsors will receive a letter totaling their donations for their taxes

Sponsoring is easy! Just select your sponsorship level and the horse you wish to sponsor then click Subscribe.

Thank you for your generous donations and support of our 50+ year mission!